For the success of of Tickled Pink Boutique. It has been a blessing to be able to make some extra money doing something that I was already doing for Layla to begin with. The money isn't the only thing, it has totally given me a boost. It's turned into something far more than what I ever dreamed so much so that it looks like we might be opening the store in the next few months. I love what Im doing & I love that others love my work & what it's doing for my family. I can stay home, make things which is a total creative outlet that I need, get extra $$ (our christmas was totally funded by TPB), feel better about me. And I was doing this anyway cause Layla had to have this stuff! lol I truly am blessed! Thank you God for the blessing you have showered on me.


EatCrayons said...

That is SO awesome, I'm totally happy for you and your success! What a fun way to make some extra money. Can't wait to see your store.

Tam said...

I miss you :(
I need ya right now girl

Antonia said...

Congrats! It is always nice to have extra money!

Good luck on opening up your store :)