Today I am thankful for the sweet smiles from the most beautiful baby girl in the world! Who knew that another girl could turn my whole day around just by smiling her oh so sweet smile at me!?! Layla is such a joy to all she is around! I hate to say it but she is damn near the perfect child! Always so good & sweet. I mean even when she is bad for her, she still isn't bad! I love my lil girl so much! And I am thankful for those sweet lil smiles, which as of yesterday, have TWO itty bitty teeth! =)


oceans5 said...

She is such a sweetie pie. I loved it when my babies started having teeth. It is so cute when they smile and you can see one or two teeth. I just want to gobble her up she is so adorable.:)

*** hunzer *** said...

Her eyelashes are killing me ~ beautiful beautiful girl!!!

Antonia said...

April is a dork :P LOL

Anyway, Layla is such a cutie! That smile could brighten up anybody's day!