Thankful & more!

So I have missed a few days of the thankful post. I was in Dallas this weekend & had a great time with the hubby, mother, brother & some cousins. We went up for the Donor family program. I will blog about it when I uploaded the pics.
I got a lil shopping in this weekend & got tons for little or nothing! I am always looking for a good deal, drives Jaxson crazy! lol
Ryker's school called this morning about a bomb threat. They didn't cancel school?? Idiots. I am super pissed about this. I had my mother go pick him up & bring him home. How in the hell does this school get picked in Texas Top Schools?? Ryker stays at my Mom's house during the school week so he can go to this school. It's out of our district. Im starting to rethink this. Anyway. Im just trying to catch up. Im starting the Twlight book today as well. And now Im off to do at least one round of 15 min cleaning!


EatCrayons said...

Whoa, a bomb threat and they didn't let school out? Why did they bother calling if they weren't releasing the students to their parents/caregivers? Talk about freaking parents out, whoa.

Twilight, yeah. Perhaps you'll enjoy it more than myself. (Seems I'm the oddball.) I wanted so badly to love it, but I just liked it at most. I thought it was poorly written, and choppy. As for the Harry Potter series, not even on the same level. HP is FAR more creative and descriptive. Loved HP. :)

Antonia said...

Now, a bomb threat at a high school and a bomb threat at an elementry school?? What kind of crap is that??

The kids should have been sent home as soon as the school heard about it.

We always had bomb threats at our high school, of coiurse that wasn;t time cause there was nothing, but still!

Glad to hear your son is safe though :)