Layla's new trick & my 250th post! *GIVEAWAY*

Layla has always loved her bouncey seat but Im afraid she is starting to get a bit big for it...
Notice she is buckled in!

She thinks she is big stuff! (Look at those sweet feet! Who doesn't love baby feet!?!)
She has started sitting straight up in her bouncey seat & thinks she is so grown up! Where did my sweet lil baby go?? =(
This is my 250th post so Im having a give away! Anyone who post's a comment on this entry will be entered into the giveaway. The cut off is midnight Wed. I will then randomly draw a name & you will be sent a small somethin!

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Antonia said...

LOL! Look at that big smart girl! That is so funny!

Cute pictures :) Have a good day and a happy thanksgiving!