::Baby Ninja::

That's what Gangle said when she saw the pics of Layla in her Jordan outfit! lol

Some of y'all may recall Jaxson's thing for ninjas and that he was going to tell the baby that ninjas brought Christmas, not Santa. lol

Got my tree up on Sat. but Im not pleased with it at all. I need to add & stuff. The tree is kinda on the thin side. My grandmother gave it to me, she bought it last Christmas & never put it up because it was just to much trouble for them & she asked if I wanted it. I threw mine out when I moved so I said sure. And if I could find one I liked for a good price I would replace it this year but every tree I like is at least $350.00! That's just insane to me. Anyway it might have to do this year. I do promise to get pics taken soon though.

I also got my Fisher Price Nativity set in the mail today. I had it sent to my Mom's work just in case we were not home so I have to wait to get it from her. This is my fave time of year! And Layla's first Christmas! As well as our first as a married couple!

Tomorrow we are getting our floor ripped up & getting a busted pipe fixed as well as buying new couches! YAY!

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