Busy busy busy & some sad news

Super busy with trying to go through everything in the house, getting ready for Christmas (we have my Mom & brother spending the night Christmas eve & then everyone over Christmas day), getting my Valentine's Day line ready for Tickled Pink, trying to find the time to read the rest of the Twilight saga (I just started Eclipse last night when Jaxson got off & Im about half way through, just one more book to go!), and every day stuff that has to be done!

Ryker and I went to see Twilight Sunday night and we both loved it! I <3 Edward!!

My sweet, sweet husband woke me with a surprise this morning! He braved the cold and got out to get me the newest Fall Out Boy CD, just released today!! This is the very first CD I have been excited about in years! I very rarely buy CD's anymore but this is my FAVE band! I love the CD! He also brought me back a 20 oz Dr pepper to go with it. He is the sweetest & bestest!! I love him!

Saturday night I got a text from my Mom sayin that my Daddy's Uncle (My grandfather's brother) was in SICU, that he was due to have heart surgery today but got very sick Friday night & was put in the ICU. They didn't go with surgery cause that was the least of his problems at that point. Sunday he seemed better but has taken a turn for the worse & the family made up their minds to take him off of everything tomorrow (wed). My great uncle was clear that he didn't want any measures taken to keep him alive so per his wishes sometime tomorrow he will be taken off of everything. Im so sad. This is the 3rd death in my family in 5 months. My grandfather has lost his only son this year & now his brother seems to be right there as well. Pray for the family please.

Ok gotta run, it's 12:41 am & I have been so busy today that I haven't even taken a shower, yuck! Im waiting on 3 loads of laundry to finish drying as well. About to grab my book & soak in a hot bath!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Boy, your family has had a hard year. I'm so sorry to hear of your latest loss. I hope you were able to soak in your tub for a GOOD LONG TIME w/ your vampires!

EatCrayons said...

My goodness, I am sorry for your family's loss, and the difficult year this has been. Prayers said.

Your hubby sounds so wonderfully sweet. Ya lucky girl. :)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

dont eat the token said...

Hey girl, am finally catching up on blogs. Am SO sorry for all the losses in your family. I pray they are still with you and keeping your heart warm!

Great thinking on starting to minimalize. I have a lot of "stuff" too, and it's hard to let go of. People see everything I have and can't believe I send bags to the Goodwill all the time!

Did you give your cousin the movie gift basket? I love that idea, it's something similar to gifts I've given before. :)

Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year!