:::Need some help with a Christmas gift:::

So, every Christmas my cousin, Sara, and I exchange gifts. She always gives me something Im sure to love and while I do pretty good for her it's getting harder & harder to get the "perfect" gift for her. She is a total go-getter, involved in everything she can get her hands on. She is a nurse & a chef. She is single & has no kids so if she wants something she just tends to get it when she wants it.

This year we have put a limit on our spending for the exchange and it's $25. I don't want to do bath & body. It seems to be a defualt gift for all women and I want more thought than that put into it. I think I might want to do a basket of something. Here are some of the "themes" of baskets that I have thought about doing for her but none of theme POP out at me at the time being.

*A movie theme basket~ DVD she wants, popcorn, drink, candy, warm fuzzy socks and/or blanket. Missing anything here?

*A cocktail theme basket~ A bottle of drink mix, glasses, pink sugar crystals for the rim of the glasses, funny girly napkins, maybe some of those charms for the bottom of the glasses. Can't really think of anything else to go with this but maybe some kind of snack she can serve with the drinks?? ::NOTE:: She doesn't really drink. She will go have a mixed drink once in a blue moon with friends but it's not really her thing so I dont know...

*A towel mani/pedi cake~ A hand towel made to look like a cake with foot soak, scrub, and lotion, foot tools for baby smooth feet, toe spreads, polish, nail file & the like. BUT this kind of falls into that bath & body stuff. So, Im pretty sure I wont go with it for her.

*A romantic night at home basket~ Sappy romance DVD or skip the dvd and add a cd of romantic songs and music, a bottle of wine, two glasses, candles, and the stuff for a spaghetti dinner. I would normaly add a massage oil or something like that to it but she hasn't been dating the guy she is with that long and she doesn't have sex. Not until she is married so I dont think thats a good idea. lol

That's about all I have at the moment. Most of the ideas I have, while good ones, just don't seem to fit into her lifestyle except for the movie & towel cake ones. If you have ANY ideas please share them with me! I also sent her text asking her if there were any books she might want and about themes in her house and if there was just anything she just wanted.

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