Christmas tutu made for a customer. Pic just doesn't do it justice at all. I love how it turned out. I hadn't posted anything from TPB in awhile so I thought I would. I also am going to announce that Tickled Pink items can be bought at a new store here in town!!! I got a phone call this week & a sweet lady saw some of my stuff & asked if I would be willing to put some of my items in her store. YAY!
Layla has taken to eating her toes these days. It's so stinkin cute!

She is now loving her jumparoo! At first she didn't like it but I think it was cause she couldn't really reach the ground & the toys. Now, she will sit in it for 45 mins to an hour at a time! Which is great for me cause I can get stuff done. She is such a happy baby!
So, we are back home now but the pipes are still not totally finished. Im not sure if I said anything before but we had a pipe bust the day before Thanksgiving. Our master bedrooms bathroom has no floor on the side that has our shower & toilet. But I can use my kitchen sink & dishwasher again. It's been a total pain in the ass but they have taken care of us & keep us in a hotel & all. I hope it will all be done with early next week. I *HATE* the other bathroom here. It's the main bathroom in the house & the shower just sux!

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Lis said...

Yay! How exciting for you, that is just fantastic news, soon your designs will be all over the country!!