Christmas wish list

I NEED a new phone. My razr is on it's last leg and this is the ONLY phone that I have even wanted since I got my razr almost 2 years ago. I was planning on just buying another razr because I couldn't find one I wanted till Propel. A must have but Im sure I wont get it till Jan. We can upgrade one line now but Jaxson needs a phone worse than I do & he has his one on the Matrix. So Im sure I wont get mine till Jan. when the next line can upgrade.
I haven't ever owned a big bottle of this yummy stuff & I want it!

Because I love Hobby Lobby from things to decorate to things for TPB. A MUST have for this girl!

Jaxson & I went to see this totally tacky, LOL movie this summer & I need it!

Because every red blooded woman needs a copy of this!

I lust for this!

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oceans5 said...

I am with you on Sex and the City. I LOVED the movie. Hope you get at least a few things off of your wishlist.:)