So, I didn't know anything about this book or movie. Or so I thought.

When Jaxson brought the book home, the same day the movie opened, I remember seeing it on April's blog. Jaxson's asst. manager is crazy over these books and sent them home for us to read. Jaxson picked it up first & I thought I might go ahead & read it as I have been lackin in the book department.

Well, the next day we headed to Dallas & the book got left at home. I picked it up later in the week & read the first 100 pages that afternoon while Layla was asleep & after I got some stuff done around the house. I started liking the book then but could see what Carrie was talking about, it's kind of choppy. Well, fast forward to yesterday & I am totally hooked! I have about a hundered pages left to read & Im hoping I can get it done tonight. I am a super fast reader & have been known to read a whole back in an afternoon. With an infant that's a different story. lol Jaxson gets off at 5 today so I hope I can finish it up tonight as he works 12 hours tomorrow. When I am done we are heading to the movies to see it.

But what I love about this book is Bella & Edward. I am totally hooked on thier relationship. So much so I dont care if the the writing is choppy at times. I love the way he looks at Bella. The way that they can't stay away from each other. I understand that feeling all to well & so I am all for them. No matter how dangerous it may be.
::::: Im going to post my Christmas wish list today (I hope today after a 15 min cleaning spree) and if you read this before I do please post yours as well! Thanks to Carrie for the idea!


oceans5 said...

I am so glad you love it. I am beyond hooked and I agree about their relationship grabbing you. LOVE IT!! See you in 15.:)

EatCrayons said...

:) Glad you liked the book.
I don't know what it is with me. Ya'll are making me feel like an outcast. I just couldn't get into it. I mean I liked it, slightly more than toleration. Ha. Bella and Edward did nothing for me, the repartee was boring, and the repetitiveness was beginning to grind on my nerves, "Don't ever leave me..." I know the author is Mormon and it was geared towards the young adult reader, but I guess a smidge of me was hoping it was going to be, well, a little "hotter"! ;) I fully plan on reading the rest of the series, eventually. As long as there is no more vampire baseball.

Pheeeeew...sorry, I blabbed all over your blog.

Hope you guys have a great time at the movie! :) I do def. want to see it.

Can't wait to see your list.

Have a good weekend!

Tam said...

I loooooove this series, Ive just finished the second book dying to get my hands on the third one
Love ya!