Chill day

Today has been so nice and chill. Im still a little under the weather but feel tons better than I have in almost 2 weeks.

I spent the afternoon shopping with my Mom, Ryker, and Layla. Had a nice lunch and picked up a few goodies. While out I got the stuff for special dinner for Jaxson and I tonight, steaks and red potatoes with garlic and herb sauce and a nice chocolate fudge cake to top it off. It was yummy! I stayed in nice small portions and on that note I split lunch with Mom today.

I also want to add that while yes it's only three days into the new year but I have worked out every single day. Even if I didnt want to being sick and all I could have talked myself out of it but I didn't, I went ahead and plowed forward. YAY me!!

We have had a nice evening at home and now Im about to clean the kitchen up, talk a short walk, take a shower and spend some well overdue time with just me & hubby. Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend!

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EatCrayons said...

Whoa girly, your blog background tweaked my eyes there for a second. *dizzy* :)

Hope you're feeling better soon. Good for you for pushing through and working out despite feeling under the weather.

Mmmm...steak and red potatoes, sounds so yummy.