Resolutions And Twilight Saga

So, it's 2009. Can you believe that? Seems totally crazy to me.

Just off the top this year will bring Ryker to his last birthday before hitting the double digits.
Layla will turn one.
The year anniversary of my Daddy's death (he has been dead 6 months today).
Mine and Jaxson's first wedding anniversary.
Tickled Pink will have a home downtown.
And yet another move for us. Ugh!
This is just off the top!

Im reading the last book in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. Hmmm... What do I say?
Well, the first book I totally loved even though it was written with a younger crowd in mind & the writing was less than wonderful. The second book, New Moon, was pretty darn good as well. But come the third book, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Im just not "feeling" it anymore. I trudge through Eclipse and tryin to do the same with Breaking Dawn but feel like she wrote an epic novel just because she could. It seems there is way to much info in there. Small things that we as the reader dont need to know. I for one adore Bella & Edward but I have no desire to know their every freakin move. And then switching to a Jacob book is just blah. I dont care for Jacob at all. In the first book and most of the second I liked him. As a secondary character only. Now half of the book as about him? And werewolf? Really?? UGH! No matter how much I dont like whats going on I will finish the saga. And I can safely say the only thing I really like about this saga is Edward & Bella's relationship. And on that note I am totally not for Bella becoming a vampire now. I was up until this book but knowing she is going to be turned I have mixed feelings. Anywho...

My resolutions.
Never really did that whole thing before. I felt like I was setting myself up for failure. So this year I am going to do something like that. Just little goals for myself. Here are a few, not all, Im sure it will be an on going thing but for now here a few.

*To make healthier choices. I gained so much weight when pregnant with Layla & at first it seemed to melt off but I have gained most of that back. HOW? I dont know other than stress, awful eating habits, no exercise, a very under active thyroid and a metabolism that is totally shot (DR's words). Im making small changes in everyday life that I hope will get me started on the right path. Nothing so drastic that I give up after a week. Something I can stick with. More veggies, water, parking farther away, walking, smaller portions and the like. And cutting back on Dr. Pepper, fast foods, and just not being so dang lazy.

*To clear the clutter and be organized. Something I not only want but desperately NEED. I can't ever find anything and I have stuff that I need but no place for it because I can't get it in order or find a place for it. I want it badly enough that Im thinking of hiring someone to come in and help me. And we have so much stuff. Things that we dont need or have way too much of. And I have gotten rid of so much stuff in the last few weeks, I cant believe we have all this left still! My hearts desire is to be a minimalist. Just have what we need & no more. I think of all the time, money and energy it would save us if we lived by that.

*Smoking. I truly hate smoking. I hate the way it makes me feel and the money it sucks out of us. Here in TX we get charges a dollar more a pack for taxes. But the money isnt even the big thing. I quit when I found out I was pregnant with Layla and didnt pick up again till the night my Daddy died. and since then it's like I never stopped. I mainly do it out boredom. I talk about quitting all the time but I feel so weak, like I know it wont happen no matter how hard I try because it is such a habit. When I talk on the phone I step outside & smoke. When I get in the car, I light up. When I get a cup of coffee, I smoke. This by far will be the hardest. Im thinkin og weaning myself, yesterday I only had 2. But maybe cold turkey is best.

*Daily routine. I have no daily routine at all anymore. Being a stay at home Mom I dont have a lot of reason to get up at a certain time everyday, or hopping in the shower when first up, or getting to my to do list asap. I get to pick and choice those things because I am here all day, every day. I think for ME it would be best to get those routines in place now. In the long run I will have more time and less to do with a rush.

*Getting to bed early. For me at least. I have always been a night owl and I have always had a hard time falling asleep. Now once I am asleep I rarely have a hard time staying asleep. Its just getting to sleep. So, Im going to try with all my being to get to bed early every single night & do everything in my power to sleep. I have taken tons of sleeping pills, teas, lotions, creams, cds, you name it. And I go through phases were it's easy for a few weeks then Im back to the same ole habits. It sux so bad!

*Read all of the Harry Potter books this year. Even if it takes me all year to read them all. My husband loves these books as most of my friends do so I am going to try them out & see how it goes. I may read one here & there if I dont get hooked but dang it Im going to read them all this year! And on that note I plan on reading more this year in general. I LOVE reading! It's about one of my favorite things ever but I haven't gotten as much read in the last 7 months with a new baby and marriage & deaths. And Carrie if you read this thank you so much for the link! Im going to join you in the next few days!

That's all for the time being. Mainly just personal goals that need some tweaking. =)


EatCrayons said...

Happy New Year! I hope this year is full of many wonderful blessings for your family.

Man, I'm sorry to see you're going to have to move again. Moving can be such a pain. :(

I just finished 'New Moon' yesterday, and I have to admit that I did like it better than 'Twilight' but I think it was because Edward was gone for majority of the book. 'Twilight' was SO repetitive, esp. the dialogue between Edward and Bella. For me, it just felt so cheesy! How many times do we have to read about how "beautiful" Edward is!? I got it, the first 100x in the first few chapters of 'Twilight'. =P The writing quality of 'New Moon' didn't seem to improve much for me, but the story grabbed me a bit more, but I'm not holding any hope for the remaining two. A book pretty much dedicated to Jacob? Wasn't majority of 'New Moon' about him?!? I've heard quite a bit of disappointment regarding 'Breaking Dawn'. That's not very encouraging. I'm not down for Bella becomming a Vampire, but I think she's a brat. =P Ha.

I think you'll enjoy Harry Potter. Her writing blows Stephen Meyer's out of the water. I really enjoyed the fifth book in particular.

Good for you for coming up with, and putting so much thought into your resolutions. I'm not much for making resolutions either, well, at least not making any effort to work towards them. ;) I wish you all the best! Many of yours seem to go hand-in-hand which may make it easier to achieve them all and make a wonderful transformation this year. :)

Anonymous said...

I've really missed reading your blog. I too have made new years resolutions for the first time. Nothing to set me up for failure but some are similar to yours...for example more reading! I have always loved reading and want to make it a regular habit again. Eating better is another I've added as well. I think I should go blog about my resolutions too. :)
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Meant a lot to me. :) Congrats on your shop moving to downtown. You must be so nervous and excited!!