Well Hello to you

*Still kind of in a funk. I feel really strange. Not myself at all. Kind of like depressed, sick & lost. Best way to explain things. And sooo tired.

*Finished up Breaking Dawn. Official done with The Twilight Saga. Made me sad. I cried. It was like saying goodbye to family. Over all I really liked the books some more than others (the first is still the very best IMO). Crazy how it got me thinkin about living forever. And much to my surprise (the person who is most scared of dying. I dont wanna die anytime soon, I want to be way way old.) I came to find out that no matter what I would not want to live forever. Or not be able to sleep ever again! lol Totally ready to watch the movie again!

* My computer is WAY messed up. Like Im thinkin in the next few weeks a new one will be bought. I have no clue what is going on but its been so bad that I have not even felt like getting on. This is my first time one since Friday. But its been nice, liked it in all honesty. Thinkin of getting a laptop this time although I am very anti-laptop, I skipped it when I bought this one.

*Because of the computer problems I cant post any pics either. I have some really cute ones to post too!

Hope all is well with all of you in blog land!


Ariana said...

I was so sad when I finished the books, too.
That sucks that your computer is being stupid. Were you guys hoping to buy a new one soon or is this just a kick in the arse financially?

Tam said...

YAYYYYYY you're back!! Ive missed you my sweet girl....
love you.

EatCrayons said...

Happy to see you update! :) I'm sorry to see you're still feeling funkish. Hope it passes soon. Bah..computers, do they ever work properly?

Anonymous said...

Hey you, check out my blog. I have a surprise for you!! Hope you are doing well. :) :)