*So tired these days. That's the way it goes for me, tired and sleepy or wide awake. No in between for me. The last week or two it's been a battle to stay up till 9pm. While for the most part Im just starting to get my engery at that time. I have an appt. set for this Friday with my Doctor, lot's to talk about with him. Wish me luck.

*I have washed, dryed, and put away 5 loads of laundry today. WOW! And they were HUGE loads at that. Why the hell do we (or I should say my husband and daughter) have soooo many clothes??

*Looking forward to the coming weekend. Jaxson has Thursday, Friday and Saturday off. VERY VERY rare. My Mom is keeping the kids Friday night and we are heading out for sushi and some adult fun. Whatever that may be. Just anything that doesn't have to do with kids. I am soooo ready for a break. This Mommy hasn't had a night without one of the kids in months. Hell, I haven't even had an hour without a kid in months. While I love my kids more than life, I need a moment.

*Layla is trying to hard to crawl. She set's there ready to go but her body just can't catch up with her brain and she gets so mad. The other day she sat there in poistion to go and couldn't so she tried something new, she rocked her butt and started gruntting, like that would get her moving. lol It was so funny. She get's around though, she rolls all over the house. And FAST! lol Side note: Friday she went to the Doctor for her 6 month check up (she is 7 months) and she is 25.75 inches and 15 pounds on the dot (with a diaper). She is so tiny!

*Ryker is getting HUGE! We had to go to the Doctor today due to this weird rash around his mouth (which turned out to be a staph infection of the skin! They said more than likely he got it at school.) and the kid weighs 79 pounds! Holy crap! He is going to be 9 in April (which is something I still can't wrap my head around) and just getting so grown up.

I really need to run, it's getting late and I have a few things to finish up before I get in the shower. Church in the morning and errands are calling for a busy day tomorrow and I am ready tired. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! *smoochies*
(Just how cute is she, here!?!) BTW, I know I dont share a lot of Ryker these days and it's not cause Im a mean Mama but I cant get him to take pics anymore. Do any of you have ANY ideas of how to get the lil toot to look at the camera and not run away??

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dont eat the token said...

hey there, hope your night out with your hubby is splendid!

i shoot kids' portraits and i don't have a secret to getting them to look. usually i sit and wait while they play and watch through the lens. when they look up, tada, nice shot.

try and snap one of him while he's telling a story and get him to laugh at some point. have the camera ready, already focused, and push the button once you get him to laugh.

good luck!