Today starts the first of 3 days off for Jaxson!! YAY!! Im so excited about having him home for three days! He is off playing basketball and working out at the gym with Josh right now.

Tomorrow is our 6 month wedding anniversary! My Mom is keeping the kids and we are having sushi, steak, and drinks with my brother and some friends. Can't wait! Im also going to the Doctor tomorrow and for once I am totally excited about going. I need to go for so many reasons. Im kinda wondering what he (the DR) is going to say and what he is going to put me on. Im going for my acid reflux, sleep problems, weight, pain, anxiety, headaches, swelling and chest pains. lol A lot to cover. Wish me luck.

Well, I hear Layla waking up from her nap so it's time to wrap up! Hope everyone in the land of internet is doing fab! *smoochies*

Oh and my sweet Shanns gave me a blog award, I will try to post and give my own out asap!


oceans5 said...

Your night out sounds so great. Enjoy your time. Good luck with your doc visit. I need to go so bad for a lot of stuff too.

EatCrayons said...

Awww date night, how fun! I hope your doctors appointment went well and you were able to address your issues to your satisfaction, and that you'll be feeling better soon

Tam said...

where the heck are you woman!!