Im baaaaack!! With pics too!

Miss Baby Lady in here oh chic French baby outfit (super pricey and so darn cute! I love it! It was a gift btw)
I can't believe I got a photo of Ryker! I had to bribe him with his sister though! lol

Ryker took this one of Layla playing with her walking stroller and Baby! So cute! She just got her 4th and 5th teeth this past week. Getting so big! 4 months and she will be a year old. Makes mama sad.

Sweet baby girl!

The new car! Got it this weekend!! Best part, it's paid for! No carpayment is a blessing! It looks like this but is a tanish sprakly color. I will take pics soon but it's raining right now.
Getting ready for my best friends baby shower a lil over a month away. Myself and her SIL are throwing it and have tons to do! And as of right now the baby's sex is still a surprise! So it's kinda have been hard. She will find out soon she thinks. If the baby will let us see! She has less than 3 months to go and still have not find out whats cooking in there! lol
Been super busy with life, orders, and everything else that falls in there! Hope everyone is doing good!


oceans5 said...

Yeah your back!! I can't believe how big Layla is now. She is so adorable. I just want to squeeze her and all her baby cuteness. Congrats on the car. We need to catch up soon.

Tam said...

omg Ive missed you!!!
God she is just beautiful hun...
huge hugs and smooches to you!

EatCrayons said...

Oh goodness, all of that cuteness! How do you not just blow raspberries on those cute little chubby arms!? She has just as many teeth as Eibhleann, and she's 14mons. Heh! :)

Congratulations on the new car.