Fabric Covered Single Photo Hanger (ETA More)

Made this tonight while trying to find something to do. I have been looking for a hot pink and zebra frame for Layla's nursery and have not found one. Well, if I like it the cheapest was around $50 and sorry not about to pay that for a small frame. So I ended up coming up with this and I do like how it turned out. It was super easy, quick, cheap & turned out cute (so I think)! I just used what I had on hand too. The pic shown isn't the one I will ended up using (the one I want still needs to be printed. It's the one & only photo of her & her Chief were he is looking at the camera instead of her.)

I stopped at Hobby Lobby today and got the stuff for make a St. Patricks day wreath for the front door and I was almost finished covering the base with some jolly, bright green ribbon when I ran out. Sux. I hope to get out tomorrow and pick up some more so I can finish. What I have in my head looks too cute & is very simple! I am also down to just a little under $6 left on the gift card my brother got me from Hobby Lobby for Christmas. I have used the hell out of it & I will be so sad to see it gone. Im totally asking for more of those for my upcoming 28th birthday!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week!!
P.S. I just made these other three hangings for Jace's nursery! They can be photo hangers (just add a tac or we can add ribbon if that's what his Mom indeed wants to use them as) or just plain lil wall decor hangings. We can add a big J even. Lots we can do with 'em really. Just thought they turned out cute!


Candy Hart said...

I love your picture hangers, they are really awesome!! It is a really good idea. My baby girl is always making drawings for me and this is way better then taping them on the wall!!

Cassandra-ann said...

What a fabulous idea! your very talented!

Antonia said...

Those are so freakin cute!!!

I love hobby lobby too!