Still Sick!!!!

Can you believe this? After 3 trips to the er, just as many to my normal Doctor, two rounds on z-packs, 2 different shots, countless otc meds and other meds and I am STILL SICK!! I can't live like this! Hell, this isn't living. I broke down today for the first time and cried & cried. I have no idea just why I am not getting any better. They told me at the ER tonight that they were going to put me on the big bad daddy of antibiotics (doxycycline) and that if it didnt knock the sinus infection out that it was time to visit an ear, nose & throat doctor. YAY! Something else I can't afford.
Im getting one of those netti pot things Friday when we get paid. We are just way strapped after all the ER visits & meds or I would go ahead and get it. Just don't have the money till then. And Im praying that these meds will in truly do as they say, and totally knock out this infection. I can't go on like this. I cant take care of my family much less myself in this shape. Please say a prayer, send your thoughts & good vibes my way. I could use them.


Antonia said...

Sorry about hearing you are sick. I hope you feel better really soon. It does suck to be sick a long time, esp. since you have seen the doctor and been to the er!

EatCrayons said...

Oh my goodness, I sorry to hear that you're still so under the weather. I hope that since this entry you are feeling much better. Definitely, prayers and feel better vibes for you!! Is there any idea as to why you're still sick?

Cassandra-ann said...

Stacia, i hope you feel better soon, have you tried any natural remedies? sometimes our bodies become resistant to the anitibiotics and need a good detox and some natural cures

I hope you feel better soon, Its so hard when your sick
Cassandra XX