:::Budget & Menu:::

The last month we have spent WAY to much money eating out. And Jaxson already spends way to much eating out for lunch almost everyday at work. So, I have deiced with all the extra medical bills and extra bills we have racked up since the start of 2009 we are going to buckle down and pay off our bills, save some money, get on health insurance and just be smarter about our money. Jaxson and I make way too much money for us to be broke. There is no sense in this.

1. Open a saving account for nothing other than savings. This money can not be touched no matter what. We make a deposit every time we get paid & then we forget about it until it's time to make another deposit. I dont care if we just put away $5 every time we get paid, SOMETHING is far better than NOTHING.

2. Our "free" check will now be used to buy groceries, diapers, wipes, our everyday daily needs and so on. None of those things will be bought when our check we use to pay bills comes to us. If that means over buying for the month then so be it. I will budget a small amount for food items that need to be replaced (milk, bread, baby food, ect) out of our bill check. But otherwise that check is for rent, car insurance, cell phone bills, $ we owe elsewhere.

3. I am also going to budget eating out money. A set amount for the month. One amount for Jaxson for lunch when he works but even that will be reduced by half (he can take his lunch when money runs out) and then another amount for us as a family. And that could mean many trips to fast food places or one trip to someplace nice. I dont care just as long as we stick to the budget. Last month we spent over $1,000 eating out! That is WAY to much money on food! We dont spend that on groceries when we eat at home all the time.

4. I have good intentions of writing a weekly or bi-weekly dinner menu but always seem to never follow it. I will admit we pretty much eat the same thing over & over because my husband is far too picky. He could eat the same few things (frozen waffles, frosted flakes, hamburger helper, pb&j and biscuits) over & over & over. He wouldn't care. I on the other hand do care. Most women would be happy if thats all that it took to make their husbands happy but I am sick to death of it. Besides I like cooking. Jaxson eats no veggies. I can get him to eat corn once in a blue moon but other than potatoes he doesnt touch veggies. And I am trying my hardest to get us all healthier. I guess Im just going to have to cook stuff for me & the kids & he can stick to those few things he likes. lol

With that being said here is my first menu for the week of Sunday March 8th-Sat March 14th

*Sunday- Steak with baked potatoes and salad

*Monday- Hamburger Helper (Chili mac) with cornbread

*Tuesday- Grilled Chicken with steamed veggies & rice

*Wed. - Spaghetti with garlic bread & salad

*Thursday - Breakfast (Biscuits with homemade sausage gravy, eggs & bacon)

*Friday - Jaxson's special grilled chicken sandwiches

*Saturday- Jaxson's homemade pizza

Now we may eat those on different days than planned but at least I have an idea of what we are eating during the week & I can just check that dinner off the list. Wish me luck!

If you guys have any ideas for me, please share!!


EatCrayons said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start! Budgeting our eating out, and runs for fast food and Starbucks is definitely something we need to get a handle on here. I can meal plan, and shop for two weeks and I'd still say a good 5-8 nights of that we've eaten out instead. D'Oh!

My hubs eats very few veggies too. The man has NEVER eaten a salad, ever. I hear ya on being sick of the simple things our hubbies would eat over and over. Blah!

Cassandra-ann said...

Sounds like your off to a great start ! My only tip is to keep at it and try your best to stick with it! (i find thats the hardest part)
Good luck!

oceans5 said...

Hey girl...it has been the week from hell. I don't even know where to start. I miss you. I have unlimited texting now so we can text anytime. I agree about the money thing too. We are in the same spot right now. We make enough money that we should be able to save some and live smarter.