{ FRIDAY!! }

Im sooooo glad it's Friday!! My Mom, Gangle (as the kids call her), is keeping Ryker & Layla so we can go out for Valentines as Jaxson has to close his store tomorrow night. He was going to take me to the new Shopaholic movie (love those books) but Twilight is back and I really want to see it again so I asked if we could see that instead. lol We are also going to dinner (dont know where) and thats all I know about tonight. It will be nice to have some alone time with the hubby no matter what he has in store.

I couldnt sleep for crap last night and now Im so sleepy! Im hoping Layla will take a nap shortly and I can lay down for a quick nap. I did work on a few things last night while I couldn't sleep. Im not sure about the washcloth treats but I need to play around with them until I get what I want. I also made some washcloth candies. I hope to have time to run to the store and get a few supplies today but I already have a jam packed day and if I can find time to nap that would be great! I will leave you with a few pics of some of the things I came up with last night! Happy friday the 13th to you all!

P.S. The washcloth treats are a pair of baby bootie socks wrapped in a baby washcloth tied with ribbon, curling ribbon and little plastic baby trinkets.

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