Been a Busy Girl...

Girl diaper cupcake
Summer fun bow

Boy diaper cupcake

Stork Bundle made for Ryker's teacher
Im also working on tons more! I have some really neat things coming soon so be on the lookout for those. My best friend should be finding out the sex of her baby Wed. I so can't wait to know whats cooking in there! Im taking my youngest sil, Julie, clothes shopping this weekend. She needs clothes something bad and since her mother wont do it, Jaxson and I are. I hope to have her spend the night Friday and take her the next day after a birthday party. Speaking of, Miss Tyla is turning one and I have NO CLUE as to what to get her. Her Mom orders tons of bows, tutus and stuff but I want something other than that. Got any ideas?

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Jenn said...

GORGEOUS bows!! I love to make hair bows too!