Trip to the ER

I have been sick since well before Christmas, just can't seem to shake it. I was put on a z-pack about 3 weeks ago and that did help a little but I have still not been 100%. Some days are better than others but for the most part Im going on almost 3 months of not feeling good and on very little sleep.
Now last month when I went to see my Dr. I found out that the headaches I have been having so often are indeed migraines. He decided to put me on a drug called Topamax for the prevention of headaches and migraines (also a wonderful side effect is major weight loss, yay)! Since I dont have insurance (our kids have blue cross but we dont) he was going to get me samples because it cost about $200 a month. I have been waiting and waiting and he still hasn't gotten any so I called him this week and asked about just writing me a script so I could go ahead and get on it. I was never able to get a hold of him (come to find out their phone lines were down till Friday evening). I told the DR on call that I have had a migraine since Tuesday and have taken everything I could get my hands on trying to get rid of it. He called me in a pain killer called, Tramadol. Nothing. Didn't help so I called him back and told me to go to the ER. I get there and wait over 2 hours to be seen. They blew a vein, gave me some drugs that didn't help (vicodin anyone?? If they would have given me that I know it would have helped even if all it did was mask the pain), took me for a MRI, my oxygen levels ended up going down to a scary 74%, I wasn't able to catch my breath and so on so they keep me for a few hours longer to be watched. Finally I was able to go home and the ER Dr (Dr. Dunnahoo who was totally awesome! I could not get over how well he listened and how concerned he was for an ER doc) came in to tell me that it showed on the MRI that I had one of the worst cases of sinusitus (sinus infection) he has ever seen. Which in turn was bringing on the migraines. So I was put on yet another z-pack and a drug called prochlorperazine. I have slept most of the day and when I do wake up I feel like I have the worst hangover known to man. But it's nice to know what is causing this and that no matter what you may have heard, my head and brain scans are totally fine. lol =) I have to follow up with my family Dr this coming week and get on that topamax. So keep me in your your prayers and thoughts as we try to get me well.

I also wanted to post a pic a of this centerpiece I made for Brandy's shower. It's a mint "cake". I just took three foam circles and hotglued It's a boy mints all over and added a blue teddy bear cupcake pick. Im thinking I may add so curling ribbon or something of the like but dont know yet.


oceans5 said...

I can't imagine having a migraine for that long.I am so thankful that the ER doc was great and found out what was going on. I MISS YOU TOO!!! I would call you tonight but you need to rest. Email me and let me know. I have unlimited long distance now!!

Cassandra-ann said...

Hi Stacia!
I hope you are feeling better now, Sinus infections are the worst i am prone to them and they get bad pretty quickly for me, anyway they are awful and i really hope you feel better soon!
Thanks for visiting my blog, i have really enjoyed visiting yours, you are so creaive, i will be back for inspiration!

EatCrayons said...

Oh my goodness you, that is an awfully long time to be feeling under the weather. I'm sorry! :( Sinus infections, migraines...ARE the pits..and to have no health insurance, tough. When Shawn worked with Footlocker we were on United Healthcare and they were excellent, isn't that not the case for you guys? Actually we've been with UHC since.

I certainly hope that you get to feeling better super-duper soon, and can find some needed sleep. *Hugs*