Movie night with the hubby!!

The hubby and I are about to sit down and watch this movie: Ordered it on ppv about a week ago and we are just now getting a chance to watch it. Kids are in bed. Showers have been taken. Clean and comfy pajamas are on.
Popcorn is popped!

And I have my very own ice cold coca-cola to drink. Which is crazy I wanted this because I am a Dr. Pepper girl.
So, here is to a nice, relaxing, comfy evening with the husband. Hope y'all have a great one as well! *smoochies*

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EatCrayons said...

How did you guys enjoy the movie? Did you find it helpful, inspired to purchase the book? I did find it cheesy at times, but man, I could definitely relate to quite a bit of the movie. The hubby actually had put it on his iPod and watched it before we sat down and watched it together, surprising for him.