*My grandparents came and picked Ryker up to spend the day shopping with them and then took him home so he could spend the night with them. In turn Jaxson's mom took Layla. So the hubs and I had some much needed time alone on his day off!! YAY for grandparents!!

*My very pregnant SIL and I walked over a mile tonight! Yay for us!!

*Im watching season 1 of 30 Rock. Again. I LOVE, LOVE this show!

*Tomorrow I have the whole afternoon to myself! Im going to get mu nails filled (they need it bad), do a little clothes shopping, go on starbucks run, do some more shopping and then pick up the kids.

*Ryker has two baseball practices tomorrow night and then another one saturday morning. He has already had 2 practices this week alone! Goodness they are 9 and 10! After practice we will meet up with Jaxson grab some dinner and head to walmart to do grocery shopping and wait on the midnight release of TWILIGHT!!! (I've seen Twilight 3 times already & just saw it last saturday but I cant wait to own my very own copy and see all the extra stuff!!)

*Picked my book up again & really like it. Just a fluff read but most of the books I read are just fluff anyway. Glad I picked it up again.

*Have an order for a stork bundle, a diaper wreath and more lollipops. Going to be a busy weekend.
*Im starting to feel the itch for Scrapbooking again. I have no idea where it came from but I feel it. Im hoping to try and get something along those lines done this weekend. But I dont have a lot of scrap stuff (that I like anyway) any more.

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