What I'm...

*What I'm reading: Still reading Goodnight Nobody. Havent picked it up in awhile so I think I will grab it and a hot bath when Im done with this.

*What I'm watching: 30 Rock!! Can I say I love this show! Where have I been?? I got the first two seasons from my brother and feel in love! OMG! I LOVE IT!!

*What I'm listening to: Lil Wyane, Carter 3
*What I'm wearing: blue jeans and a baby doll shirt

*What I'm eating: Eggs! Use to hate them but lovin em right now!

*What I'm enjoying: Feeling better for once. Thank God!

*What I'm sniffing: Not much as Im still stuffy

*What I'm working on: A diaper wreath for Brandy and a few orders for TPB.

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