What I'm...

*What I'm reading: BLOGS!! I totally can't stop finding and reading blogs.
*What I'm watching: TWILIGHT!!!! It's pretty much played non-stop since I got it!
*What I'm listening to: Twilight. Playing non-stop. How old am I again??
*What I'm wearing: Comfy pajama pants and a tank top
*What I'm eating: Nacho Cheese dirotios and spicy bean dip! yum!
*What I'm enjoying: PEACE!
*What I'm sniffing: Burberry Brit
*What I'm working on: Layla's new nursery! And some projects that involve spray paint...

1 comment:

EatCrayons said...

Great...now I think I *need* spicy bean dip, I'm the ONLY one in my household that will eat it. Those weirdos.

Redoing Layla's nursery? Post pics! :)