Busy Weekend

* Ryker had his little party this weekend. It's the first time that he hasn't had a big party, he just asked two of his friends to come eat, play some games, go a few rounds of lazer tag and spend the night. Well, when we get to the lazer tag place we were pretty much told that their games are for older teens & adults. Crap. I had three upset 9 year olds. But we ended up at the bowling ally and they had a blast! I will try to get pics up in the next few days.

*The night of Ryker's birthday he had a baseball game (that he didn't want to go to) and ended up getting nailed in the eye with a pop up ball. Poor guy has a awful black eye. Crazy thing is on his second birthday he broke his nose at the party and ended up with two black eyes from that. Poor kid! Never had a black eye any other time.

*Two nights later at another baseball game, Im walking back to the stands with french fries for Layla and steeped on a rock which made me twist my ankle and eat the pavement. I have cuts, bruises, a hugely swollen knee and leg, a messed up wrist & arm and the strangest bruise on my palm. Every muscle in my body hurts as well. I always seem to find a way to hurt myself. Im ready for the swelling and sorriness to take a back set but I was on my feet for most of the weekend so Im sure that doesn't help. Im going to try to have Jaxson take some pics (my right knee and leg are almost totally black & blue) just so you can see. lol

*My SIL & I went to a few garage sales & Goodwill Saturday morning. God, I totally forgot how much fun that is! I got some great deals and found 3 things I have been looking for! I will post all about those sometime this week.

*Starting to get ready for Miss Layla Jade's first birthday party. Can you believe that my baby girl is about 6 weeks away from turning one?!? I can't! It's a lil heartbreaking. She is my last baby. Ever. She is growing up so stinkin fast. She is trying so hard to walk, has even taken a few steps all by herself. She cruises all over the place. Talks all the time. The words she uses on a daily basis are: MaMa, DaDa, Baby, Bye Bye, Hi, Book. She can say just about anything but those are the words she uses every day. She loves to dance and sing. Loves her toys, books & the baby doll my Mom & Daddy bought her before she was born. She really loves any type of doll or stuffed animal but that one doll is her baby & it goes everywhere with her. She will eat anything and everything she sees! She loves food and would eat all day if we let her. lol She is also working on teeth 9 and 10! Such a big girl! I can't believe she is almost a year old!

*It's 3 am and I still have boys awake and talking in Ryker's room. It's going to be a long night! lol Hope y'all have had a great weekend!
P.S. I think this is the first picture of me with BOTH of my kids. How bad is that?? lol I was taken last weekend at Brandy's baby shower (with a cell phone). God, I knew I had gained weight but seeing this pic really makes that fact hit home. Jaxson has gained a bunch since we got married last July as well. I think it's time we really step up to the plate and make some changes. Ryker is cheesin hard in the pic and Layla is being her nosy lil self but it's the one pic of us all and even though I am as big as a house I love it!


dont eat the token said...

Girl, all I thought when I saw the pic was *heart* and *love* and that's all that matters! You know you can make that b&w, give it high contrast and it'll be a piece of art.

I'm so glad you could save the boys' night out with some bowling! And love hearing about Layla growing up!

Candy Hart said...

Sounds like your a really cool mom saving the day for your kids!! Your daughter is just as cute as a bug! it is a good picture.