Create Something Every Day (Day 13)

So, I didn't post yesterday because I wanted Ryker's birthday post to be all for him. Im a day behind but with good reason. :)

Super easy hairbow holder. I made this to match a cousin's lil girl's room. She loved it and it was so easy & super cheap!


Colleen said...

Very cute!

Candy Hart said...

That ladybug is totally awesome!! I was thinking about doing my baby girls room in lady bugs - she just loves them!!

Cassandra-ann said...

ooohhh I LOVE that! its too cute!

dont eat the token said...

I have little lady bug earrings that would match well :)

Cute stuff, your CSED seems to be a really healthy and happy way to spend your days. I haven't been making as much for the last couple weeks and it's bumming me out!