CSED (Day 7)

Take a photo album and some scrapbook stash and here ya go! lol Matches a towel cake I made. BTW, I forgot to say but as of right now the create something every day is just pretty much stuff I have on hand already. I have really had to make do with what I have on hand so some of this stuff isn't exactly what I would have done if I had made a trip to the store. Im trying to use what I have bought before moving on.
Ryker had his first baseball game of the season last night & they won!! YAY! Jaxson has a softball game tonight. So, again another busy day. I don't feel like I have stopped in over a week. I need a break!

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Jen r. said...

It's very cute! i Love the color combo! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! Jen