What Im doing, Weekend Plans & CSED (Day 8)

Create something every day (day 8):
Ok, so the project for today was so super simple, I really feel like I am cheating by saying it was my "create" something for the day.
I picked up the little white bowl or dish, whatever you want to call it, at Goodwill this week for $0.59! I had the grass-moss stuff & bird from a plant sent to us when my Daddy passed away & or course the ribbon I already had as well. I think it's pretty cute & just the touch of spring I wanted for the kitchen.
I've had such a super busy week! And it's about to get crazier.
Our weekend plans are:
Friday: Baseball game, boil eggs, make Layla's Easter basket.
Sat: Brandy's baby shower. Im one of the two hostess' and we have so much to do so this is going to take ALL day. Dye eggs & make the dishes for Easter lunch. Birthday party for a cousin's lil girl.
Sun: Easter with both families!!
What I'm Doing:

*What I'm reading: Almost finished Goodnight Nobody. Just not that into it but Im planning on finishing it up this evening. I just got a bunch of new books this past weekend at Goodwill so Im ready to start something new.
.*What I'm watching: Just watched Saved! the other night. I love that movie..
*What I'm listening to: My fall back, Fall Out Boy!
*What I'm wearing: Jeans & a babydoll top
*What I'm eating: Not much of anything. Just haven't been to hungry. But I am making up for that by drinking tons & tons of coffee, sweet tea & Dr. Pepper. Not so good for me.
*What I'm enjoying: Thrifting! Oh, how I love it! I got so much for so very little. As a matter of fact my next blog is going to be all about what I got & how much I spent.
*What I'm sniffing: Just a stale house. I ran out of all of my candles and haven't made a trip to the store for more. I need to open the windows once it stops raining. I hate a closed up, stale smelling house. I always have the windows and doors open when I can and candles burning.
*What I'm working on: Bunch of goodies! Picture frames. A Cross. More H's. And tons more running through my head.

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