This is it...

I am at a loss.
I am scared.
I am frustrated.

I feel helpless.
I feel like giving up.
I feel like I have already lost.

I feel like fighting to change it for the better.
I feel like I am nowhere near losing.
I feel like this IS my motivation.

Im tired all the time.
I never have any energy.
I hurt. All over.
I can't breathe.

I am far to young to feel this damn old.

All I know is that something has to change.
And soon.

As I sit here and write this I can't stop the water works. Im feed up with it all.
I feel so helpless. So lost. Like I dont know where to go from here.
And I do but for some reason I can never fully get there.

So, I am on my knees screaming to the sky tonight to please help me.
Guide me.
Show me.
Show me what you got.
No more time for playing.
This is it.

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EatCrayons said...

:( Awww girly, this hurts my heart to read. I have had those feelings, they were nearly impossible to shake, I spoke those exact words. My thoughts are with you, I wish you peace and happiness, always. *hugs*