This is what every Saturday morning should be like

Saturday mornings are suppose to be like this.

Jaxson and I were both wide awake way early this morning. It's a slightly rainy, cool morning (which I love!), windows are open and yummy candles are burning. We got up cleaned a little, cooked breakfast, and just spent some together. Before kids were awake, before cell phones started ringing, before people started knocking on the door. It was so lovely!

Yesterday, I ended up in the hospital having to have some test run on my heart and lungs. They spotted something. Very scary. As it turns out there IS something there. They do believe it is nothing to worry about but want me to have to checked out again in 6 months so please say a little prayer for me.

When Ryker came home last night, he brought home these for me:

How sweet is my lil man?!? He is going to make some girl very happy one day. He LOVES giving flowers. He is always bringing flowers and apples to his teachers. Every year he does this several times and all on his own. He buys them for me and my Mom as well. Such a sweet boy! He was so proud of himself!


Lis said...

HI honey, I have been so slack leaving comments, you have been doing some amazing pieces.
You are in my prayers and thoughts, hope that whatever they found will right itself :)

Polka Dot Possibilities said...

Love your framed art from the frugal friday party! i'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well with your tests! thank you for stopping by my blog. your flowers from your son are beautiful-so sweet of him-i know that makes you proud!!!

Tam said...

Miss you sweet cheeks xoxox

EatCrayons said...

Absolutely, prayers for you.
What a sweet lil' guy you have, you're raisin' him right Momma. :)