Get me organized and a prize for you!!

OK, girls I need ya! I am desperately trying to declutter and organize our home. Nothing has ever really had a space of it's own, a place to call home. It's like starting from scratch. I mainly need help with all of my crafty stuff and the items for Tickled Pink Boutique. I plan on buying tons of little baskets and bins (matter of fact as soon as I post this blog Im headed to the store to pick some up). Problem is I don't just want those bins stacked together or out in the open. That's almost just as bad as having it all piled up on the tables and any other flat surface that we can find.
I am a pretty frugal person but times are calling for me to be frugal and watch our money closely for the next month. Just lots of extra little things coming our way. Down the road I plan on buying cabinets and storage units just for this but our wallets wont allow that it this time.
So in the mean time give me your best and most fabulous tips to get organized with. I will randomly draw a name of the ones who leave comments and send a lovely thank you package of goodies. TIA!!


Tam said...

Oh girl I got no organisation ideas for you..Ive got crap everywhere at the moment!
And of course I remember you, silly girl..
Love you and miss you bunches..
You're never on yahoo anymore :(

Lis said...

I dont know that im much help, mine is all over the place, but countainers labeled helps, and all stacked in the one place, for the scrap room i like clear containers, if i can see i use hehe.
In other rooms i like wicker baskets you cant see the crap and they look nice lol, for lounge areas foot stools or seats with storage in them is a great idea.

The Momma said...

The dollar store has these little plastic bins, they're pretty cute. The girls got them for easter baskets from my mom. But, they come in tons of colors and they're only a dollar.. could work!