Jaxson's New Tattoo for Chief

First of all the pic is kinda crappy as it was taken with my phone. I get to the tattoo shop and my batteries are dead ( I had just put new ones in the morning before too) so this had to do.
This tattoo is in memory or honor of my Daddy, "Chief".
Jaxson and my Dad were to go get tattoo's together before he died. We knew my Daddy wanted a pinup (my Dad didn't have any tattoos and this would have been his first). So Jaxson wanted to finish out his sleeve went with a retro nose art pinup and on the bomb it says," Hail to the Chief". Chief is what Ryker called my Daddy. Most people ended up calling him Chief as well but it all started as his grandpa name.
I love how it turned out and can't wait to get a better pic posted but for now this has to do. I love my husband for getting this but more so because he loved my Daddy. I think it was the perfect way to honor Chief in Jaxson style. It's awesome!!
Jaxson will finish out his sleeve next Thursday and its going to look awesome! Im excited for him! I hope to be back soon with better pics and the finished product.


Carrie said...

That's SO cool; cool of him to do, honoring you father, and a cool tat! I love Pinup girl tattoos.

Candy Hart said...

That is an awesome tat! Looks like they did good work - makes me wanna get another one myself!

dont eat the token said...

that's a hott tatt!