New Diaper Cake and goodies

My sister in law, Jorrdan, is having a baby boy in July and we had her shower last Sunday. Baby Jace's nursery has tons of baby blue and chocolate brown so I went with those colors are the shower and the stuff I made.
The diaper cake turned out super cute and everyone raved over it! Jordan won't take it a part because it's so cute. lol I told her that I made that for Jace and if I have to come over there and take it a part myself that I would but I wasn't going to put it in my shop to sell as she wanted me to.
Now this lil thing that I have since named the Bucket 'O Diaper and Pops, was born simply because I couldn't find the small metal buckets I used for the washcloth lollipops. I found this plastic bucket at the just a $ store and added ribbon, rolled up diapers, the washcloth lollipops, the paper filler and the monkey. Turned out CUTE and I've already sold one! lol

Top view, close up of the Bucket 'O Diapers and Pops

And of course one of my "signature" items: The Stork Bundle.
Just a basic, nothing but diapers. Since it was being used to hold balloons.
All in all I am very pleased at how everything turned out.
I got tons of sweet comments and a few orders out of it so it doesn't get any better than that!
Is it crazy that Im going to make a diaper cake for Layla's birthday party?? lol
I love making them and I think they are super cute to decorate with, plus what one year old do you know that can't use diapers?
And I know she is going to get plenty of toys and clothes from others.
I'll post some other time about the "big" gift she is getting from us at her party.

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fabulous new niche you have here girl!