Layla's 1st Birthday Party

Due to all the excitement Mommy & Daddy forgot to take pics so what I have here is a few that my sister in law took. I haven't gotten a chance to edit them all but I wanted to post a few now but look for a big post with all the details soon!The birthday girl! Isn't she precious!?!
The car we got her. Jaxson really wanted to go ahead & get the car now and Im glad we did because it's also a stroller of sorts (it has a "floor board" and a handle of sorts on top) and when she gets bigger the floor board comes out.

Tryin to find some trouble

The car we got. So stinkin cute!
It was like Layla knew that yesterday was her special day cause she was running around screaming and super excited all day long! While we were getting everything set up she went crazy with pure excitement, way cute!
It was a great day shared with lots of people we all love and who love our baby girl!


The Momma said...

very cute!!

Candy Hart said...

She is just so adorable!

Carrie said...

Awwww, cuteness.

What cute little coupe, I haven't seen it in those colors before, adorable!