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Jaxson & I have been talking about doing a total body cleanse/detox for about a week now. We are really trying to change eating habit's, get some exercise and just becoming healthier beings not only for each other, our kids but for us as individuals. Over the last few weeks we have already made several small changes. We are drinking a lot more water and have really cut back on sodas. Eating less red meat and even going meat less a few times a week (this one would be super easy for me as I was a vegan most of my high school years but my husband HATES veggies & almost all fruits. To his credit he has really opened up and started trying new things. Bless him cause I would kill him if he didn't at least try it. lol). Adding more fresh veggies & fruits to meals & as our snacks. (This one is mainly me but I hope he will join soon). Anyway Im getting off course for this blog. ***Have you ever used a cleanse before? Would you use it again? How did you feel? Any advice you have? Anything at all send my way please!***

These are the top 3 that we are looking into at the moment. I have read a lot about them, can find them at local stores, are affordable & the feedback seem pretty descent. At this point in time I think I am leaning more towards the detox 7.
Im very excited and can't wait to start but I wanna wait a few more days and get a little more information before I begin.
Also, for all the healthy living bloggers out there give me any tips, ideas, sites, snacks, etc that you might have for us.
There is so much out there that I totally feel overwhelmed to say the least.
Wish us luck and TIA!!

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Carrie said...

Do a little more research regarding cleansing...you'll find that it's actually not necessary at all. I believe 'The Doctors' actually just had a segment recently on their show regarding the fact that cleanses have very little health benefit. Don't ask the advice of employees @ locations like GNC, the Vitamin Shop, etc..they just want to sell their products.

If you're eating adequate amounts of fiber, and drinking water there is no need to detox or cleanse, the colons main purpose is designed just for that, cleansing your body. Most toxins you taken in are metabolized in a matter of hours, and everything is generally through your system in a matter of a day or two. We don't get backed up, toxins don't hang around in our systems. Our bodies are actually VERY efficient at eliminating 'the bad stuff'.

Be careful if you do decide to cleanse as most products on the market are just over powered laxatives, and can cause serious discomfort. Many, especially those which are marked as herbal supplements, or products marked as 'All natural' are not always safe, and many are not approved by the FDA. They can interfere with any prescriptions you could be taking.

I've never tried any sort of detox diet, or cleanse. It's never appealed to me personally, and after hearing the low-down (the straight POOP. HA!) from a nutritionist regarding them it seems that switching to a healthier, more rounded diet and exercise is always the best option to feeling your best. :) Increase your fruits, and veggies, fiber is a must. For me personally it's not stressing about what I eat so much as the exercise that makes me feel good.

I like to snack on fresh fruit, dried fruit, low-fat yogurt, FlaxPlus granola, raw almonds, energy bars (my favorite personally are by Odwalla), Edamame, Naked Juice drinks, carrot sticks & guacamole, low-fat cottage cheese & salsa (yes together. ;) ) sometimes in the evening I'll eat a bowl of steelcut oatmeal made w/ apple juice if I'm low on the calorie end for the day...yummy!

Good luck to you guys, hope you find what works best for you. :)