Please Pray (Dr. visit today)

To all my blogging friends I would like to ask you all to say a prayer, send good thought & vibes my way. I will be seeing my Dr. at 2:30 today about my back.
After a lot of trail & error it seems the only drug that works for me is vicodin (and I can handle this med just fine, I have on & off for 8 years because of my back) and a muscle relaxer, soma. I have tried everything there is to try for pain (OTC & prescription) and these are the only two that even begin to help with the pain. With that said I am not here to talk about if these are the right meds or not, only I know what is best for me.
I am asking for your prayers & thoughts about talking to the Doctor about giving me these meds. I have a feeling that this is where I am going to run into some road blocks because these can be harmful drugs when not used right. And so it seems the area we live in people tend to ask for these two drugs often. Matter of fact there are several Doctors in the area who went even give these out.
Please my sweet friends be with me in prayer as I go to the Doctor. I cannot live the way I am any longer. The pain has gotten so bad that more than half of my days are spent in bed or in the chair with pain so intense I can't move, help my family, clean, cook, or function. I am not living at all. It's taken a lot to get me to this point but I am here now and I am asking for help. So, please be with me.

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Carrie said...

Ohhhh, I'm so sorry to read that you're in that much pain. Back pain is horrible, and SO limiting. I hope that the doctor you see is compassionate regarding your situation and your amount of pain. I have had so much Viccodin prescribed to me in the last few years, it ridiculous the ease in which it is prescribed, most times I didn't fill the prescription. Perhaps it's the location in which I live? It's not fair that those who truly need the relief have to fight and justify their need. :(

Is there anything you can do beyond pain medication? Chiropractor? Physical therapy? Yoga? Surgery? My thoughts are with you, I hope you find the relief you need and get to feeling better. *Hugs*