All About Me Day

When I went to the mall Friday afternoon Jaxson had yet another surprise for me: this kick ass phone cover! I adore it! Makes me like my phone now! He is such a sweetheart! I love him so much & thank God for such a thoughtful, loving and kind husband!
Friday was a wonderful, relaxing day for me! Jaxson and I woke up, got dressed and headed to lunch sans kiddos! We went to our fave place & just enjoyed the lovely day by eating outside on the patio. After our lunch Jaxson had to go to work so I headed out for a day that was totally full of slefish pleasures! First stop: Spa pedi! OMG! How wonderful this was! It took over an hour and a half and it was nothing but pleasure! My tootsies need some tlc! The color is more of a melon looking color, dont know why it's not showing true to life here.

I needed fills so bad but the guy doing them said I needed a whole new set so I ended up with new nails instead of a fill. BTW, my wedding rings were my great-grandmothers. She left them to me when she died in 1997. I remember from an early age telling her how much I loved them and she always said that they would be mine one day. So, when it was time to shop for our rings I thought really hard about it and went with my heart and used her set as my set. One day they will be passed down to Layla. I hope a very very long time from now. I can't get a picture to do this set justice! They are gorg! They are from the 1940's and in PERFECT condition! Stunning really. I love them! (I swear my fingers aren't that big! They look huge here. I wear a six and a half ring.)

Later that night I ran into the dreaded wal-mart to pick up something and walked past this purse. Ok, first of all I LOVE bucket, drawstring purses. Second I LOVE LOVE anything zebra! I also wear tons of black and white. So, this got picked up. And the best part? Only $14!! Can't beat that baby! I sooooo love this purse!

I was planning on picking this movie up at wal-mart or something like that at midnight on Friday. My sweetheart of a husband had already reserved a copy for me at Hot Topic though. AWW! So sweet he is. It came with a poster and a film strip from the movie. Pretty neat. It's been playing close to non-stop since Friday. lol I love me some Edward! *sigh*


EatCrayons said...

Awwww you lucky chick. Sounds like you had a wonderful Friday. An all about you day, that's awesome. Your rings are beautiful. Would a lovely memento to have, and to pass on to your sweet daughter some day. From the 1940's...awesome! You and Zebra print... :) I think of you any time I see it.

Has it been crazy stormy there today? Hope it's not too hairy.

EatCrayons said...

Oh! I forgot to tell you that I replied to you on my blog under the Lincoln's pocket watch entry, and the Walmart one. :) I mentioned a few books, and a documentary you may be interested in.

Stacia Howard said...

Aww thanks Carrie!
The set is from my great grandmothers second marriage (her first husband, my grandmothers father, was killed when my grandmother was 10. He was the fire marshall and was manning a hose when someone in car came by & didnt see him from the smoke and ran over him.)
Ans yes its been pretty nasty here today, more rain than storm but none the less nasty!
I didnt know that you had left comments so I just read them & will be putting them on my to read list! I can't wait!