4 am

It's a little after 4 am and Im awake. Went to bed before 11pm and am now wide awake. Waiting on laundry to turn over. Last night I ordered MILK of PPV and the hubby and grabbed some dinner and sat down to watch it. I really liked the movie. Im not sure what it was I liked about it or what made me want to really watch this (other than the cast. Which was AMAZING!). There were parts of the movie that were slow and all but I couldn't turn away. Sean Penn was just wonderful (as always)! I don't care what character he plays or what the movie is about, he always does such a great job. You may not like his character or the movie but he as an actor is the best. Plus James Franco, Josh Brolin, & Emile Hirsh! All wonderful, talented actors. Not a movie I would own but totally a movie I would recommend.
One of the felt hairclips I made the other night. I have been wanting to try it out and remember to pick a few of the items up on my last trip to Hobby Lobby.

Another hair of clippies. Part of the Summer line. Pic is total crap. I can't seem to ever keep this table free from smears, smudges & lil finger prints. *sigh*

I love this bow!

For Layla. Im going to go back and add a few little details to the tank but I like just as is as well.
Just think it might need something else.
Something to make it stand out just a bit more.

My newest tote bag.


Jen r. said...

Love the skull tee! Jen

The Momma said...

HI! That made me very sad about your dad and your wedding- I can't imagine what that was like!

I've been so bad at commenting back lately, I see you were having a contest and I missed it! I'm freaking out about my etsy shop so I've barely been checking my comments and been HORRIBLE at getting my responces out! I love everything you made, I wish I COULD MAKE BOWS! I suck at it.. oh well. :)

EatCrayons said...

Cute little clippies! I made Keegan a t-shirt with that skully, now I may go back and pick one of for Eibhleann. :) Hey! I don't know if you've seen them, I picked Eibhleann up a pair last week...white Cupcake sandals at Target, super cute!